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Why Airlines Won’t Fix Inefficient Boarding | CNBC

Have you ever wondered why we board airplanes the way we do, and if there’s a faster way? There are numerous different methods to board airplanes: front-to-back, back-to-front, random, unassigned seating and WILMA. While multiple studies have tried to determine which one is the most efficient, airlines aren’t always focusing on that. That’s because they’re generating hundreds of millions of dollars each year from boarding products. CNBC got a behind-the-scenes look at Southwest Airline’s experiment in Atlanta, where the company is prototyping new solutions to accelerate the process. Will we see a faster boarding method in the future?

Turboelectric Propulsion a New Idea for Revolutionary Aircraft | NASA

The hybrid wing body aircraft shape is already a new idea that can improve performance and reduce noise. NASA’s Glenn Research Center is studying a drastic change in the propulsion system — turboelectric engines — that can make the HWB even more useful in reducing noise and fuel consumption and in improving use of smaller underutilized airports.

Future of Microwave Power Beaming | USNRL

Safe and Continuous Power Beaming Microwave (SCOPE-M) is a United States Naval Research Laboratory (USNRL) project which delivers one kilowatt of electrical power at a distance of a kilometer using a microwave beam.