The Vısıon . . .

LongSpéır Co · Operatıve is founded on the premise that as a deliberately rational and just society, we can no longer allow sacrificing the general welfare, specifically guaranteed access to the means of exercising the human right to mobility as a common good for the sake of private ambitions of ownership.

Our mission is to amend, democratise and optimise ― unjust, pervasive, and unsustainable transportation privatisation by custom and law through cooperative research and development of, and advocacy for, innovative hardware, software, and culture as a technology.

Cooperative Capitalism

I find the polarisation of Capitalism vs Socialism without nuance problematic and reject the notion my use of the term Cooperative Capitalism is a misnomer; that I mean Socialism and NOT Capitalism.

Until Socialism is holistically, unambiguously written into American corporate law, for-profit and non-profit cooperatively organised, operated and owned businesses still operate in a capitalist system dominated by a quasi-religious belief in Neoliberal, Free Market mythology.

― Muirén Ní Sídach, Co-operative Advocate

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