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In any just society, freedom of association, to freely move about, of access to trustworthy information, communication, power, and transportation are essential to survival are not a privilege, the unavoidable cost of a functional democracy, and the inarguable right to the means for human thriving and generational prosperity.
Muirén Ní Sídach

Why Airlines Won’t Fix Inefficient Boarding | CNBC

Have you ever wondered why we board airplanes the way we do, and if there’s a faster way? There are numerous different methods to board airplanes: front-to-back, back-to-front, random, unassigned seating and WILMA. While multiple studies have tried to determine which one is the most efficient, airlines aren’t always focusing on that. That’s because they’re generating hundreds of millions of dollars each year from boarding products. CNBC got a behind-the-scenes look at Southwest Airline’s experiment in Atlanta, where the company is prototyping new solutions to accelerate the process. Will we see a faster boarding method in the future?

The Dark Cost of Electric Cars | Our Changing Climate

In this Our Changing Climate video essay, I look at the horrors of the cobalt supply chain fueling the electric car and renewable revolution. Specifically, I zero in on cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo in under to uncover what exactly it takes to bring modern batteries to life. The conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo are dismal and are fueled by a long history of colonial plunder and imperialism. To forge an environmentally ethical world that avoids the worst of climate change, we cannot turn a blind eye.

How Microwave Lenses REALLY Work! | Machining and Microwaves

Refraction, Focusing and Magnification are usually explained because light “slows down” in transparent materials. But DOES it? 3D-printed Microwave Dielectric Lenses are transforming how RF Engineers think about focusing Microwave and mmWave energy. Additive machining has changed the design process forever.

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