“You never change something by fighting the existing reality.
 To change something, build a new model that makes
 the existing model obsolete.”

  ― R. Buckminster Fuller
Now Forming: A Novel Co-Creative Intentional Community
You are invited to join The Trust Circle to engage and donate your valuable time, talent, and treasure in founding a unique vision of Live-Learn-Make Intentional Community that is adaptive, resilient, sustainable and self-supporting.

Systemic problems demand systemic solutions, a paradigm shift can’t be fit into the cultural shorthand of an elevator pitch or a meme; while open to all, this multi-stakeholder cooperative union is deliberately centred on the equality and equity of deliberately disenfranchised Trans and Gender Non-Conforming BIPOC struggling to thrive beyond oppression by law and custom.

Civil Rights leader, Ella Baker, once declared “Strong people do not need strong leaders”; we are governed by principles, not personalities, a collectivist society empowered by social-ecological modelling and sociocratic decision support. This includes transparent, open, public accountability aided in part by incorporation as a Public Benefit/Social Purpose Corporation (B-Corp).

This practical engine of co-operative capital has an integral non-profit live-work zoned campus, a reinvented social infrastructure for radically reducing community businesses’ cost of operation and community members’ costs of living, provisioning lifelong education, skills development, cohousing, transportation, healthcare, and recreation ― resources even the most fortunate BIPOC/LGBTQ+ can face discrimination trying to access.

Our first resident business is Síofra Tech Cooperative for Social & Technological Innovation in Performing Arts, what we call Peripheral Magic and Illusion, or in the words of Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Our two-pronged strategy:
A. Incorporation of the for-profit worker cooperative and non-profit Live-Work campus.
B. Complete the productionalization and alternative marketing system for our first product family.