RoadEdge Shepherds™

Traditional TBL Tractors scoop up the nose landing gear, lifting it off the ground, avoiding the complexity and time penalty of connecting/disconnecting a towbar because the aircraft’s nose wheel weight provides the necessary downward force.

TBL systems are much shorter than conventional tug+towbar systems because they have a single pivot point instead of one at either end of the towbar, making its geometry simpler for more precise control with a wider variety of aircraft, requiring less maneuvering space.

RoadEdge Shepherds™ are wireless powered, semi-autonomous, electric TBL tractors capable of moving any aircraft from the smallest single-engine type to narrow-body airliners, military cargo and airline-sized business jets. Though the majority of aircraft do not require adapters, an automated tool changer enables a wide range of adapters for unique craft and circumstances.

The Velocity inspired Maelström scale-model will utilize a durable rectenna array film applied to the bottom of the wings and fuselage, providing main flight power within the TMA/TCA.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
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