OccultΛlloy™ Data + Power + Control

RoadEdge™ Modules are low-profile, adaptive smartgrid-to-smartroad devices for semi-permanent, seasonal, and emergency deployment as the name implies alongside of the path, road, runway, on the periphery of forest or field, requiring no time-consuming and costly replacement or refurbishing of existing infrastructure. REMs are by design are extremely rugged, fault-tolerant, hot-swappable, quickly and inexpensively repaired and upgradeable.

Advanced motion capture give us precision metrics of the aircraft position and attitude for enhanced situational awareness at a reduced workload for pilot to ATC staff. This real-time data informs the modular system of emitters that employ phased-array beam focusing and steering, while also creating virtually instantaneous beam occultations (eclipses) when any person, animal, or object impinges upon the space between the aircraft and emitters.