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Scale Model Demonstrator Project
In this application, the term applies to a semi-autonomous ecosystem for underserved airports dedicated to general aviation and small to medium scale commercial aviation, providing features that would otherwise be economically unsustainable, with increased safety, reduced pilot workload and aircraft power requirements.

Instead of focusing on ever more advanced hardware for individual planes, affordable only by a few, we strive to democratize runway infrastructure for the common good of all aviators, through social and technological innovation in precision motion capture and precision directed energy for airborne and ground support vehicles.

While cruising at altitude consumes the greater overall fuel or battery power consumed, takeoff and climb stages consume energy at the highest rate in the shortest time. During these phases, the maximum effort is demanded of motors to generate thrust needed to reach cruising altitude. Hybrid aircraft with expensive onboard generators are not introduced to save the environment, but to save the escalating profit margins of aviation tech monopolies.

The near-term solution is proven, safe, secure beamed energy for Power Assisted Taxi, Takeoff, In-Pattern Loitering, Assisted Landing, thereby reducing onboard power requirements, increasing available launch power, load capacity, extending vehicle range, increased flight crew and passenger safety, a conservative solution that accelerates adoption of electric aviation.