One of the central proving grounds of transportation technologies has been competitive motorsports, an environment whereas much has been learned about the human factors affecting the pilots under extremes of stress, as has been learned about the machines ability to sustainably function under stress a wide range of mission and environmental stresses.

A direct line can be drawn from the public usability laboratory of the racecourse to the practical application in an incredible number of different vehicle configurations for operation over land, sea, air, above and beyond.

For too long this has been the exclusive purview of society’s elite, with even stock car racing with all its carefully marketed Good Olé Boy, the man of the people, the populism that has proved image resistant to every perceptive intrusion of Women and People of Color, particularly Black People over throughout its entire history.

Motorcycle racing and just about every form of recreation fundamentals of Polite White Supremacy. This concentration of power and control over the transportation industry, in particular, has the most powerful socioeconomic effect because mobility is so fundamental to survival as well as a defining cultural signal of one’s identity and status.

Right now we are poised to witness the changing of the guard, the Oil Barons make way for the Battery Barons, the Lithium Dictators, men, and they are all White men with even greater power and control than has ever been possible.

They stand at the confluence of world straddling high-speed corporate networks connecting massive cheap computational power used to enable big data that influences people’s lives in ways that are beyond their comprehension.

These corporations have insinuated their way into every aspect of mundane life while successfully influencing government to turn a blind eye, thus allowing decades to pass while covertly privatizing everything in our lives and rendering government impotent, with not even the pretence of researching and developing regulatory systems to check such their overweening ambition and will to dominate.

There is a way to thwart this drive to remake America in Ayn Rand’s false dichotomy of self the polar opposite of community.

Together we can liberate the entire socioeconomic ecosystem of transportation beginning with the symbol and practical reality of motorsports.